In the world of websites, domain, DNS and hosting are factors that mark the baby step for the Website Server Hosting Company. These three factors are crucial to the creation of a website. You might have a design ready but to be able to put it up and open it up to people, you will need the domain.

Domain: In simple language, the domain is the name of your Website. Many a times the Select Website Domain Name we see starts with “www" which means that the website is a part of the world wide web. For buying a domain, we will be your registrar and hence we will guide you as to which type of plan works the best for the sort of website you want and also, according to the work you want the website to do. The cost of a domain varies as your ideal depends on a variety of factors like the content that will be present on your website and so on because it is a IP address of a system that hosts all the files that go up on your website. The domain name selection will be a process that we will sit with you through until it fits your need because as per your audience demand, the facilities and accessibility also varies.

Hosting: The third step in the making a website and making it usable is hosting. In this we host the files that make up your website when consolidated on our servers. We will be giving you hosting by letting people access your website from our servers. The Website Server Hosting Company can involve a large sum of data or even less so depending on that one has to buy hosting on the server and hence some part of our server will be dedicated to you.



SMS: If you are looking to deliver a notification to your customer via SMS then transaction SMS is the best option. We provide transactional SMS API to implement in web & mobile apps. It is the fastest way to reach your customer with updates. With the help of transaction SMS, you can send order information, OTP validation, and many more to your customer in real-time.