IBM Websphere Portals is a world leading enterprise portal software which provides the ability to access the role based information, personalized view, content dependent websites and many more features. It integrate information or services from different sites or platforms deliver it on a single platform. The most regarded portals these days are the e-Governance, Banking, Finance & e-Commerce portals.

IBM Websphere Portal : IBM Websphere Enterprise Portal Solution provides enterprise solution to all across the country with portals that help in the flourishing of the businesses by allowing a personalized experience for the customers by use of public or private clouds. At Shailers, we provide our clients with portal design in association with IBM Websphere Portals. The portals are designed such that the users get faster response. All this is achieved by the specific use of cloud processing. Firstly, the content to be included in the portal is collected and segregated. The content is then uploaded on the cloud from where a large number of people can easily access it. This is followed by customizing the content using cloud computing and cognitive services. The customization process is done by the use of javascript or any other suitable framework that allows the portal to work as per the need.

Web Content Management: are softwares specifically designed to manage content outsourced from different places on the internet. These softwares are designed in several phases where, in each phase we target a particular level. In offline processing which is the static site generator we design a software that collects content from various platforms. This software then applies templates to each content before finally publishing it on the portal. As the second phase or online processing step commences we design the software that manages the templates on demand by the use of web-cache generated in HTML. The last step is the hybrid processing where we consolidate the offline and online processing by use of executable code in JSP, ASP, etc. rather than HTML which is highly static. This renders complete functionality to Enterprise Solution the portal.

Variety: There are web portals that can designed for outsourcing of news from various outlets or online platforms. These portals will help you get latest news at your doorstep and the Enterprise Solution gets updated every 24 hours. We can design that give information about the various properties that are available in your chosen location. Not only this, we design portals that display specific ads about sales, rentals and other services available related to homes and vehicles and so on. Other type of portals that we can design include matrimonial portals along with on-line chat portals with excellent connectivity. Financial portals is something we specify in, with a design that allows several modes for carrying out transaction.