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Creative, useful and user-friendly websites are a target to achieve these days and we intend to make it a reality for you no matter what. Looking at the need these days, scalable website solutions is something that we specify at, which can range from a variety of domains like designing, e-marketing and so on. There are various ways by which we help you achieve your requirements.

WordPress: WordPress is one platform which allows user to realise how powerful and effective it is at every single step. With the use of wordpress, we at Shailers begin with making an account for you. The second step is finalising a domain for you as per the plan you are ready to buy for your application. It gives you options like a personal website, a business website and a few more. After that we begin the designing work of the website. For this purpose we might use one of the existing templates and customize it according to your needs or structure the website all by ourselves. We can then move forward to social media integration, security solutions, search engine tools, e-commerce plugins and invoicing. All this can be included as per your demand.



Bootstrap: Website management systems make use of the bootstrap technology a lot. Here we estimate statistics of a population regarding a website by resampling a dataset to understand how many visits it has and hence we are able to evaluate its significance. While performing bootstrap we determine two parameters namely, size of the sample we are taking and the number of repetition that we will use for evaluation. By use of this machine learning procedure you will be able to enhance the effectiveness of your website.

: HTML is one of the most basic and useful ways of website designing. For a typical website we will design several pages using HTML. These pages will then be consolidated into one website where the pages will be linked to each other using hyperlinks and so on. By using HTML, the webpage will be given the appropriate structure by us.

Responsive Web Design: is the approach to web design that focuses mainly on the need of the users. In this we will include attributes like adjustable screen resolutions, flexible image resizing, managing the content and proper use of touchscreen and cursors. These attributes add to the likeliness of the users appreciating the webpage.