The WWW is a place you can get from everything to nothing. Web apps are what helps you with all that you require as a major portion. We at Shailers have a bunch of experts of web application development too.

E-Commerce Development : We intend to make the experience of buying and selling interesting for the consumers and buyers on the internet with installation of creativity and user friendly design and search engine. In today’s world, where e-commerce has taken the customer experience to a whole new level, we will help you build one such platform for you too. With careful integration of online payment gateways, shipping companies, world-wide reach, inventory handling and technology support, an e-commerce application will be prepared by us, all ready for use by you. Not only this, we will help you in establishing the customer support team by electronic media as well so that you are able to get the most out of your work.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Management : is an essential need for businesses which uses robust and highly efficient software for over-all management. Here we design a software for the collection, storage, management and interpretation of data that is generated during the business activities. The software will be like a database but the only difference will be continuously updated as per the transactions. To design the ERP we will start off with process preparation and then configure how the organization will function along with the app. Following this, the two tier resource planning will be done which will divide the workload into two subparts i.e. corporate and division level for effective management. The customization step will help the application to include the technology so that it becomes as user-friendly as possible. Some extensions might be included or else we will directly move on to data migration.

Customised Solutions : The mobile applications at times are customized so as to be used by a group of people like a company’s executive or so on. These solutions are designed too by us. For these solutions, the problem statement will be primarily tackled by us to be able to come up with the solution and design that will suit it the best. Thereupon, the work will commence on the design so that proper connectivity can be ensured. The designing will be done on any suitable platform as per the need. The database will be managed to monitor the participation and contribution depending on the use of the app. We will limit the access of these apps by authorizing it using any of the security methods.