The number of employees working in any establishment is increasing continuously. It is nearly impossible to manually track the attendance of all the employees without using any help of technology. That’s where our Biometric Attendance System can make life easy for the management. With Biometric Attendance System employed, it will be much easier for the companies to manage the increasing number of employees without any problems.

Not only the biometric attendance system makes the employee’s attendance management much more efficient and easy, but it also adds up to the security. Biometric technology has changed security protocols and efficiency since its inception.

How It Works?

Biometric Attendance System uses unique biometric features to identify the employee entering or exiting the facility. The biometric features of all the employees are stored in the system during the enrollment process.

Biometric features that are used for identification can be a fingerprint, retina scan, iris scan or facial recognition. The data with those unique features are saved in the database and when an employee enters the facility, their biometric markers are compared with the data stored in the system to allow access and mark attendance.

Benefits Of Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System has many advantages over any other traditional Attendance System. It provides better security and more efficiency in tracking employee activities.

Improved Security

Nowadays it’s not hard for criminals to create false documents and identification to get access to any facility. With biometric security that will be of no use as the unique biometric features of an individual can’t be replicated.

Better Employee Tracking

As mentioned above, biometric markers can’t be replicated. The employee has to be on time or the system will mark delay. Employees sometimes can ask their colleagues to mark their attendance with their ID Card but with biometric identification that can’t be done. By eliminating any chances of “Buddy Punching”, the employers can more efficiently track the working hours of any employee.

Eliminates Time Theft

Biometric time clock creates a credible time trial of the employees which eliminates any time theft. As the employees will be more careful about wasting any time during office hours, it will increase productivity in the office.
Overall Biometric Attendance System helps a company save a huge amount of money directly or indirectly without making any changes or hindering the workflow.