Mobile application development seems to have taken the industry of smart mobiles to a whole new level. There are various platforms like Corona SDK, Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc. that allow the development of applications by providing frameworks that is preferred over the usual scripting as it makes the development process less complicated and reduces the effective time drastically. We at Shailers Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Have experts that are well versed with these frameworks of mobile application industry.

When in need, we discuss about the requirements because applications pertaining to different aspects like e-commerce, games and so on are designed in the best possible ways on different platforms. After determining the platform that your application is going to be built on, we go ahead and decide the layout i.e. how the app will be operated, how would it look, how the options will be displayed like a dropdown menu or menu bar and so on. After deciding on all these factors, we start the work on different platforms whose specifications and approach are as follows.

Android  App  Develpoment: Androids are the by far the platform most in use be it any country or area because of the ease with which it can managed. The very step we will take would be ideation that will focus on solving the problem at hand which will help us come up with a strategy and then comes the wire-framing and design. This will ultimately lead to the apps development which will then need testing and market submission. All of this will be effectively covered by us.

iOS App  Development: For the applications best suited for iOS framework also we kickstart the work with an idea that intends to tackle a problem. This will be followed by the storyboard sketch and designing. The next step which is very essential is the Xcode Design, where the UI is designed with constraints and stack views and so on. Once we are done with this, we will start working with the firebase and Xcode coding work. The process nears completion when we run a test to debug and revise the app before finally launching it on the app store.

Native and  Hybrid Mobile App: Native applications are well suited only for a single type of platform whereas hybrid applications can work on more than one type of interface like iOS and android. For development of such application we take care that both type of frameworks and coding systems are done together and the application can choose between which to use for functioning depending on the user interface.